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You may have seen her, you may have heard her, you may have watched her. She is often the “voice of the party,” and has graced our airwaves, our televisions and our stages. She is Lezz Boogie, a creative and performance artist and voice talent known to her family as Leslie Ellis-Tynes.

Lezz initially realized her passion for acting during her first performance, which was in high school. Even at that time, she recognized this was the perfect pairing to her developing skills and practical knowledge in piano, to which she credits her late grandmother, a piano teacher for instilling the craft within her. For Lezz, this flair for artistic expression meant one thing – it was in her blood, which led her to becoming an avid devotee of the ‘performing and creative arts.’

Many people were introduced to Lezz Boogie when she co-hosted a popular weekday radio morning show following her time as host of her own weekday mid-morning radio program. This experience lent to the creation of an extensive portfolio as the voice talent to countless radio advertisements. Lezz’ wealth of media experience also includes leading and supporting roles in Bahamian produced films, both in post and pre-production. She has also become widely known as a host and guest speaker at special events and through her vast television appearances in local TV series and commercials. On stage however, is where Lezz possesses a powerful presence – having wowed audiences in roles with several local theather troupes, namely Ringplay Productions, James Catalyn & Friends and Track Road Theater. For her, this is the highlight of performing; being able to slip into a whole other personality while convincing her audience that what they see is real. As an actor, voice over artist, radio and television personality, Lezz will always find herself in or around performance; whether acting, producing; directing, stage managing or even viewing. For Lezz, “Performing Is Life.”

Fun TidBit: As a child, Lezz had imaginary friends and like many children could often be heard talking to herself. Her family would often think that a room full of children with her, but alas, it was just Lezz and Lezz alone. **Some studies show that kids who talk to themselves tend to be more creative individuals than those who do not.

“Parents, do not discount your kid’s imaginary friends. They just may be the catalyst to the creation of a great performer.” –

Lezz Boogie