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Bubbly, bold and brilliant! Janay Pyfrom – Symonette brings a calm to The Stew’s storm with her dry humor and wit! Lead Writer of The Fab Frugal and Chief Marketing Officer of a Financial Services Firm by trade, Janay has built her career with hard work, which she attributes to her many successes.

Graduating Summa Cum Laude from Elmira College with Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Management, Janay started making presentations to large groups during her freshman year in college. As President of a student group called Students in Free Enterprise, Janay would present to Fortune 500 executives projects, which would promote financial self-sufficiency in the world.

Since this time, Janay is passionate about promoting self-sufficiency among young women, recently writing articles for The Fab Frugal (http://thefabfrugal.com/) offering financial, career and investment insights for women.

In addition to her passion for business, Janay is in a constant search for fun and happiness and loves dining experiences and travel. In 2014, she got married to tennis coach, Kweku Symonette after 10 years of dating and has a cute little animal named Lola!
She is a proud ‘Pino Grigio-er’ who desires to live life with purpose, and to become a mermaid one day!